Dolores Huerta Visits OSU

April 17, 2019
Photo of scholars, activists, and students with Dolores Huerta

Presented by the OSU Student Life Multicultural Center, and co-sponsored by The Center for Ethnic Studies, Dolores Huerta visited campus on March 21st. Huerta, a civil rights activist and community organizer, met with students, professors, and activists to discuss her leadership with the United Farm Workers, this issue of feminism and the Catholic Church, and the shape of democracy today. Over lunch alongside her son, Ricky Chavez (one of her 11 children), Huerta was optimistic about social change and encouraged young activists to have fun and work together to build positive experiences. At an evening lecture, Huerta discussed her new work with the Dolores Huerta Foundation to empower ordinary people to participate in maintaining democracy and improving local communities. She highlighted the importance of quality education, parks, and recreation areas for underserved communities. She also discussed the particular challenges that women in leadership roles face. Little by little, she affirmed, big changes to society can occur.