Newark Earthworks Center Receives 2016 Scenic Ohio Award

February 16, 2017
Letter of Commendation from State of Ohio Senate

The American Indian Studies Program at The Ohio State University is very pleased to announce that the Newark Earthworks Center has received a State of Ohio Senate President Letter of Commendation for receiving a 2016 Scenic Ohio Award.  Under the leadership of Marti Chaatsmith, the Center has been serving the State by working with Ohio History Connections in obtaining World Heritage Recognition for nine earthwork sites.  The impact that this type of recognition will have on the State’s cultural, educational, and economic growth is likely to be tremendous. The Center's contributions to this endeavor situate The Ohio State University and the American Indian Studies Program as essential partners for preparing our students for the future, and continuing to bring fresh approaches for outreach to American Indian tribal governments whose histories are intertwined with Ohio's past, present, and future.  Congratulations to everyone who helped with this endeavor.

What is needed now is for the Center to remain open.  It is in jeopardy of being closed. Two years ago, the Center was notified that they would not be funded at the Newark campus. The Center needs a home department and support at the Columbus campus.