Picture for anderson.3196

Matt Anderson
Assistant Professor, Department of...

Picture for morris.390

Christine Ballengee-Morris
Professor of Arts Administration,...
  • Visual Culture and Critical Race...
  • American Indian Studies
  • Integrated Curriculum

Picture for blackford.1

Mansel Blackford
Emeritus Professor of History

Picture for borland.19

Katherine Borland
Associate Professor of Comparative...

Picture for chaatsmith.1

Marti Chaatsmith
Associate Director, Newark Earthworks...

Picture for dancey.1

William Dancey
Emeritus Associate Professor of...

Picture for gonzales-miller.1

Shannon Gonzales-Miller
Director, Scholars Program, Office of...
614 292-8889

Picture for low.89

John N. Low
Associate Professor of Comparative...
740 755-7857
  • American Indian Studies, local and...
  • Museum Studies, Material Culture,...
  • Federal Indian law and treaty...

Picture for madsen.34

Kenneth A. Madsen
Associate Professor of Geography [OSU...
740 364-9643
  • Borders
  • Indigenous-Academic Interactions
  • Conflict Between Interest Groups

Picture for murphy.500

Lucy Murphy
Associate Professor of History [OSU...

Picture for rivers.91

Daniel Rivers
Program Director, American Indian...
614 292-8301

Picture for sanpedro.1

Timothy San Pedro
Assistant Professor

Picture for shiels.1

Richard Shiels
Emeritus Associate Professor of...

Picture for stuhr.1

Patricia Stuhr
Emerita Professor of Art Education
  • Multicultural Art Education
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Contemporary Wisconsin Native...

Picture for warner.55

Christine Warner
Associate Professor, Department of...

Picture for willow.1

Anna J. Willow
Assistant Professor of Anthropology [...
740 725-6259
  • American Indian Environmental...

Picture for zaharlick.1

Annmarie Amy Zaharlick
Emerita Associate Professor of...